War and Peace in Yemen

This public interview was conducted by Dr. Joshua Landis, the director of the Center of Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma.

In this interview, we discuss the possibility of peace in Yemen or its lack thereof.  The interview provides an idea about the fragile nature of the political revolutionary process since 2011, which has fractured state power through military division, sectarian unrest, tribal conflict, regional disunity, and partisan polarization. It answers questions like: Who are the Yemeni warring parties? How are the regional and international power players implicated in the conflict? What is the prospect of peace amidst serious concerns of a humanitarian crisis?

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From Yemen to the United States: In Pursuit of Knowledge

This interview briefly captures my journey from Yemen to the United States in pursuit of knowledge. My journey started in Yemen during the 1990s when I, as a high school student, developed the intellectual curiosity to critique Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” thesis, which propagated tensions between Americans and Muslims in a post-Cold War world order, imagined through religiously homogeneous civilizations.

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