My name is Waleed. I am an assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma with a joint affiliation at the Department of International & Area Studies (College of International Studies) and the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures & Linguistics (College of Arts and Sciences). I am a comparatist with research and teaching interests in US-Arab cultural politics. My current book project representation of Arab Americans in Hollywood, Egyptian, and Arab American filmmaking with key interests around issues of identity, belonging, and cultural citizenship.

I am also contributing to a research collaboration with scholars from Columbia University, the University of Jordan, and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. The project “Transcultural Identities: Solidaristic Action and Contemporary Arab Social Movements” explores the interplay of politics, religion, and culture in the Arab public spheres. In this collaboration, I am conducting research related to Yemen as part of my interest in a second book project that locates the country’s current turmoil between 9/11 echoes and Arab Spring unrest.

My teaching reflects my commitment to develop timely, interdisciplinary, and cross-cultural conversations that highlight the interconnectedness of US-Arab socio-cultural and political formations. Examples of my courses include US-Arab Cultural EncountersAmerica through Arab Eyes, Cultural Politics of Contemporary Islam, Arabic Literature and CultureArab Spring-American Echoes, and US Since 9/11.

I am also committed to community outreach projects to help spread public awareness around my fields of study. This includes delivering public lectures and contributing to on-going efforts to teach the history of US encounters with the Arab and the Muslim worlds to both American and Arab audiences.

The totality of my research, teaching, and community service speaks of my passion to offer new ways to study American and Arab cultures.

Please feel free to navigate the website and contact me should I be of any help!